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Shanghai Ziling Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders of Cap Seal Liners Manufacturers in China, founded in 1990s, specializes in manufacturing aluminum induction sealing Liners, glass sealing liners, Pressure-sensitive sealing liner, EVA Foam Liners, EPE Foam Liners, venting sealing liners, etc.

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Application advantages of aluminum foil gasket

Application Advantages Of Aluminum Foil Gasket Aluminum foil gasket is made of aluminum after pressing and then made according to different purposes. It is often used in some packaging industries to isolate air and extend the s...

Heat Induction Cap Liner Market to Hold a High Potential for Growth

Heat Induction Cap Liner Market To Hold A High Potential For Growth Packaging industry witnessed an impressive growth in the last few years due to increasing consumption of the packaged goods globally. Millions of the products ...

White Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam Gaskets

White Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam Gaskets Closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam can always be one of the best foam gasket material. The polyethylene foam has two main categories – chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam...